Saturday, January 31, 2004

Bush + Dick Make Love Not War

Great tidbit making the blog rounds about His Unelectableness the President. Speaking this month to the US Conference of Mayors (headed last year by Hizonnah Tom Menino of Boston), preznit give bad speaches let fly this stinker: "the illiteracy level of our children are appalling." It are appalling indeed! It are unpossible, even! (Via the brilliant Alas, A Blog, also a great spot for feminism- and women's rights-related news.)

I know I know, the astute smartasses at Pandagon are quick to remind us that a tendency to manhandle the English language is not a valid reason to hate the President. Thankfully, his tendency to manhandle everything else he touches offers plenty of fuel for the ire. Pandagon ignores its own wrist-slap a bit by linking to this (sur)real-life exchange between Bush and the confused Press Corps, which reads like some bizarre Beckett outtake.

In related Bush/theater news, witty socialist and Angels in America scribe Tony Kushner is hard at work on his next play, Only We Who Guard The Mystery Shall Be Unhappy. It's about Laura Bush. (Wha?) The title is a line from The Brothers Karamazov,1 by Laura's favorite author, some Russian (I'm pretty sure it's this guy). I don't know why, but for some reason the fact that this chipper little Stepford librarian lady secretly adores Dostoevsky creeps me out—although her husband is a Grand Inquisitor figure of sorts. <obvious> Or wait, I'm thinking of The Idiot. </obvious>

Anyway, Cambridge's own A.R.T. is doing a benefit performance of an excerpt from Only We Who Guard.... (The excerpt debuted in L.A., with Camryn Manheim playing Laura Bush. Again, wha?) I'd love to see the performance, but at up to $300 a ticket it ain't gonna happen (though the Cambridge Forum says there are now limited $10 student tickets available). And anyway, I can perform it myself in my own home for free, because the flaming liberals at The Nation have published the excerpt. It looks even more bizarre than the incomprehensible seven-vagina Perestroika segment of Angels, what with the little Iraqi children making bird noises and such. That krazy Kushner!

1. Ooh ooh ooh, does anyone else remember the episode of MathNet which was all about how to pronounce the name "Karamazov"—KARamazov or KaraMAzov? Ah, sweet sweet SquareOne—it made me the dork I am today; 4-4:30pm just hasn't been the same since it ended. Thankfully, this SquareOne site has lots of MathNet (and Mathman!) episodes captured from Nickelodeon spawn Noggin, as well as a full stream of my favorite SquareOne video, "Archimedes" (bottom of page)! The official-looking SquareOneTV.Org streams a new MathNet episode every week, while this SquareOne site has lots of other video clips from the show, including the epileptic Swatch Watch/lite jazz intro sequence. I'm cogitating in my pants as we speak!


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