Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Ah, the Weekly List—an Internet meme as old as Al Gore himself. The following is partly inspired by the love-to-hate-it Boy's Briefs Weekly Top Five.

1. Cold Mountain Soundtrack [Review]
The movie is tedious stunt-casted crap, but the soundtrack is something else: haunting and Appalachian (but not in a Deliverance kind of way), with some old-time shape-note singing and a handful of dark backwoods ballads warbled superbly by White Striper Jack White. (Price on Amazon: $13.49. Not having to endure Meg White's preschool-level drumming: Priceless.) Makes the O Brother soundtrack (also produced by T-Bone Burnett) sound like an 8th grade musical.

2. Jonathan Lethem, The Fortress of Solitude [Review]
A few years ago I read Lethem's last book—a hard-boiled detective novel about Tourette Syndrome—and thought it was OK, but nothing special. I started this book last night and am devastated at the though of it ever ending. As far as I can tell, the book is about racism, crack, gentrification, and America's cultural history for the last 40-50 years—sort of like Finding Forrester + Forrest Gump, but not sucky and set in Brooklyn (which is mercifully now totally over thanks to Sex & The City).

3. Ming Tsai Blue Ginger Bamboo Steamer [Buy from Ming]
So handy—those slanty-eyed devils sure know what they're doing! I made dim sum at home, ate Chinese broccoli until I puked, and even resuscitated stale bread. Ooh!

4. Nelly Furtado, Folklore [Review]
I know I know, what little indie cred my vintage Chuck Taylors afforded me is ruined by the fact that I dared resurrect long-buried memories of "I'm Like A Bird." But Folklore is less "Bird" and more bird flu—infectious, unstoppable, quirky, and globally-minded, with a so-called "world" music-tinged mix of R&B, pop, and fado, the plaintive folk music of Nelly's native Portugal.

5. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, "I Keed" Video [Watch It]
Most of Come Poop With Me, the first (only?) CD by vulgar late night puppet (and Eminem rival) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, is indeed poop. However, this first (only?) single is pure genius, with bullseye hits on every target from the "easy" (Britney) to the obscure (Philip Glass). The best line: "Snoop Dogg, there's only room for one dog putz / And I can rap, can you lick your own nuts?" The video is just as fawked-up: a cast of puppets, humans, live dogs, poop-based claymation, and cartoons drink and make out on a Cristal-Poppin Rap Video/Girls Gone Wild set. Cocktail party tidbit: Robert Smigel—the man behind SNL's "Saturday TV Funhouse" cartoons—is also the dude with his hand up Triumph's poop chute. FOR ME TO POOP ON!


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