Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Scarlet Letter

What's up with the Scarlett Johannson backlash? Love her! And those ta-tas?! Yet as Gothamist notes, in their Golden Globes acceptance speeches neither Bill Murray nor Sofia Coppola bothered to thank Scarlett, the girl who is so awesome she single-handedly jump-started their dreamy little pedophile fantasy with her ass.** And now the even more useless Oscars have snubbed Scarlett as well, in favor of the woman who chaws scenery in Cold Mountain like it's so much cornpone. Puhleez, you make one stupid movie about stealing the SAT and suddenly you're a Hollywood outcast? It's OK, Scarlett, did you really want to be part of any award for which Brother Bear is nominated?

In related Oscar news, I'm glad the eye-opening 60s radical documentary The Weather Underground got nominated—hopefully that will earn this solid film a wider release. True to its name, Weather Underground went "above ground" even in commie pinko Cambridge for approximately three days. I saw it then, at the Brattle, but nothing will compare to my viewing experience of its even more engrossing Oscar rival, Capturing The Friedmans. I saw Friedmans in the same Long Island town where the film—about a family destroyed by pedophilia accusations—takes place. If you've seen it you know much of the movie is about how horrible, unfair, and cruel the town (a.k.a. West Egg) is. I thought there was going to be a riot right there in the theater.

**Ass update [3:33pm]: Hyperlink kept forwarding to wrong page. Now follow updated link, then click "Images," and there Scarlett's (clickable thumbnailed) ass will be, swathed in sheer pink glory.


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