Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tanto Tempo

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my too-short trip to Brazil. I had some truly harrowing experiences there: wrestling an alligator in piranha-infested waters; taking an overnight bus ride with a machete-wielding serial killer; enduring an all-night binge with two closeted, coked-out Norwegian surfers; getting trapped on horseback in the middle of a cattle stampede; accidentally getting swept away into the Atlantic Ocean (Geribá Beach + high tide + no lifeguards = Ankur's Away); the multiple muggings visited upon friends who came to visit; and of course my four days forced to share a bed with a woman (gag!).

But I would still go back there in a second. Though João Gilberto alone would be enough, there's just so much to love about Brazil—the music, the movies, the cock size, did I mention the music?—and then there was Marcelo, and—

Uhh, but it's their politics that truly make my little liberal heart bleed...with joy that is. Anti-hunger crusade Fome Zero, despite its many problems (poor people credit cards?), was proposed as a global solution to hunger at last year's G8 Summit. This March, at Brazil's urging/resolution-authoring, the UN will, for the first time, consider sexual orientation as a human right worthy of protection (you can vote for it, too; via Queer Day). And even the h4><0rz gotta smile: government agencies and private businesses in Brazil are ditching Windoze in favor of free open-source like Linux, so they can spend their money helping the poor rather than lining the pockets of n00b lam3r Bill Gates. (Incidentally, Habib's, the Linux-friendly fast-foodery mentioned in the AP/Australian IT article, is where I spent much of that long night with the crackhead homo surfers.) Our own unelectable preznit give me turkee would book you on a one-way to Gitmo if you even thought about these things in his presence.


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