Friday, February 20, 2004

Shower the People You Love

No blogging expected until I'm back in town on Monday. How will you cope with the boredom of a blogless life? I know when I feel listless and untethered, I like to randomly buy wedding gifts for C-list celebrities. And how convenient! Tori Spelling has registered online at Williams-Sonoma (just like Gemini's Twin!) in honor of her impending nuptials. And looka here! Debra Messing has registered online at Babystyle (under the married name she has no intention of taking—nice try, Debbie!), but this time it's shower gifts for that little baby she's working so hard to hide from us on Will & Grace. So go forth and buy rammekins to your heart's content!

Hey, remember the episode where Grace goes crazy with the wedding registry gun? Classic. And speaking of baby-hiding on Will & Grace, great sly stuff in tonight's episode with that whole running gag of "Grace, you've put on a little weight recently, haven't you?" Sure, W&G is nowhere near as funny as it used to be (i.e., before the stunt casting), but I'm enjoying the self-referential drawing-room farce tone the show has taken recently; it's like Jeeves & Wooster, but not as gay. [All via Gawker, yes, Gawker]

If you get bored of this hot new celeb trend of "having your poor fans spend all their hard-earned rent money on anonymous gifts for you while you bank $1 million a month doing nothing," I suggest you head over to Ron Mwangaguhunga's site, The Corsair. Really really fucking brilliant, to quote Bono. The Corsair is everything I want to be in a blog (except the design—eek!), and his epic posts make mine look like haiku.

All this talk of Williams-Sonoma reminds me that recently I've been jonesing for an egg slicer real bad. Man, I effin love those things: they slice, they dice, they play pentatonic scales when you run your fingers across the wires! Who will marry me so we can register for one stat? I mean, we all realize now that this recent marriage/civil rights brouhaha is all really just an attempt by gays to legislate spending more time at Williams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware, right? Forget the homosexual agenda, we're talkin the homosexual credenza! <ba-dum-pum> Thanks folks, I'm here all week. Try the fish!


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