Monday, February 16, 2004

This Week [2/16 - 2/22]

My (unemployed schlub) days are numbered, so I've got to cram in as much random traveling, frivolous overspending, and excessive boozing as I can in the next 14 days.....

Monday (2/16): Snow Patrol, 10pm [TT's]
Tuesday (2/17): Queer Eye returns, 10pm [Bravo]
Wednesday (2/18): The O.C. Drinking Game!, 9pm [FOX]
Thursday (2/19): Vintage Krispy Kreme shirt arrives, 3pm [eBay]
Friday (2/20): Fung Wah to NYC, 9am [FWB]
Saturday (2/21): Sifting through the dregs of the Barney's Warehouse Sale, 3pm [Daily Candy]
Sunday (2/22): Au Hasard, Balthazar—Requisite Sunday Brunch, 11am-4pm+ [Balthazar]

Quote of the week: "Diet = Die with a T"


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