Monday, February 02, 2004

This Week [2/2 - 2/8]

New feature at seekaltroutes: What I'm Up To This Week. Each Monday I'll post a list of things I might be doing that week. Until I figure out how to trick CSS into letting me do things to the sidebar, there'll always be a link in the sidebar to the latest "This Week" post. Join me!

Monday 2/2: Max Barry reads from cyberpunk'd novel Jennifer Government, 7pm [Booksmith]
Tuesday 2/3: Jess returns to Gilmore Girls, 8pm [WB]
Wednesday 2/4: Tati Double Feature—Mr. Hulot's Holiday and Mon Oncle, 7:30pm [HFA]
Thursday 2/5: Free admission to Hecho in Mexico, 5-9pm [ICA]
Friday 2/6: Job Interview, early [BBB]
Saturday 2/7: Air tickets on sale, 10am [Avalon]
Sunday 2/8: Two-week Blogversary, 12:41am [SAR]


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