Monday, February 09, 2004

This Week [2/9 - 2/15]

It's the start of TV Sweeps, so expect lots of stay-at-home action from me—and I do mean action:

Monday 2/9: Ephram loses his virginity on Everwood, 9pm [WB]
Tuesday 2/10: Earrings of Madame de ..., 7pm [HFA]
Wednesday 2/11: Seth loses his virginity on The O.C., 9pm [FOX]
Thursday 2/12: Drag Parade with Sandra Bullock, Harvard Sq., 2pm [HP]
Friday 2/13: The Shins, 7pm [Roxy]
Saturday 2/14: Alabama Slammers + Pat Benatar = Karaoke Night, 10pm [TS]
Sunday 2/15: <recover from previous night's vigorous snogging>

Quote of the week: "I'm bigger than the Titanic—only 200 women went down on the Titanic."


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