Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Bitch is Back

After my week-long sabbatical, I was prepared to come back all apologetic and regretful and begging forgiveness for my travel-, sickness-, and work-induced absence. But it actually turns out that randomly abandoning your blog and returning unannounced sometime in the future is now the hot new thing to do. Gadget guru Pete Rojas Peter F. Rojas AB '97 has just up and left Gizmodo, the blog whose immense hipster cache basically transformed him from run-of-the-mill overeducated/underemployed loser Harvard grad into the ironic, LES-slumming, American Spirit-huffing, ugly-sweater-sporting indie trash he claims to be today; yet rather than reverting to his original dorkitude upon quitting, he seems to only have gotten more alt in the process. Similarly, it seemed a few days ago that Elizabeth Spiers had left her New York magazine blog The Kicker for dead, only to rise again once rumors of her untimely demise generated enough buzz to jump-start interest in what is quite frankly a completely boring and insipid site (especially compared to her stellarly snarky work starting up Gawker in 2002).

So I guess I've returned. In related news, The Family Guy will also return with new episodes next year, as skyrocketing DVD sales and the popularity of reruns on Comedy Central have the creators and eager networks $eeing dollar $ign$. Cool kids rejoice! The big argument sure to be waged on geekblogs in the coming weeks will of course be about whether the new episodes should be shown by evil FOX, which aired the show originally but treated it like shite and eventually quashed it in a fit of quasi-censorship, or by Comedy Central, which earned it its super-cool status in reruns but won't be able to bring it to nearly as wide an audience as FOX will be. My vote is to show it on SCAT (Somerville Cable Access) or some other station no one watches, because I'm sorry, but The Family Guy is just complete and total crap. It tries to be clever and crass and "edgy"—disabled people are a laff riot! racism is hilarious if it's ironic!—but it tries too hard and just ends up being stupid and tedious. I call it the Jamie Kennedy effect. And hello, has no one from the RIAA or MPAA or something realized that the show's evil baby Stewie is a complete rip-off of Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth, the star of Chris Ware's genius graphic novel?


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