Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I Want Candy?

Hurrah, Daily Candy has come to the 617 (as of 12/1). Now we, too, can willingly be bombarded with watercolor-bedecked spam emails about little-known, tragically overpriced boutiques and spas!....I'm sure Low Culture can't wait. OK, fine, despite its pretentions, Daily Candy isn't entirely unbearable. But face it, this is not the biggest nor most underground city in the world, folks. What can DC tell me that I don't already know (ha) or that isn't covered in full by one of the 37 myriad lifestyle weeklies available from my friendly neighborhood newsbox? (Hitha Prabhkar's fashion section of Metro alone is enough--dude, Hitha, channel Vogue on your own time, OK? I just want a rundown on the war in Iraq and some funny animal stories while I wait for the Dunkin to kick in.) More importantly, what can a bunch of uppity New Yorkers tell me about my beloved (adopted) hometown?

Indeed, this quote from the Editor-in-Chief of DC, Dany Levy (taken from yesterday's Metro--thanks Hitha), doesn't inspire much hope about the level of "scoop" game these folks are bringing: "[W]e chose to launch Boston right now because, in the past 5 years or so, Boston has undergone a pretty phenomenal change. Yes there is and always will be a classic Boston style, but there's also this burgeoning fashion scene with more edge. And the restaurant scene is on the total uptick. I've been amazed at the food so far--at the Federalist, Metropolis, tonight I'm eating at Number 9." Umm, I've lived here since 1997 and as far as I can tell there was no sudden "phenomenal change": maybe I missed it, but I don't think I woke up one morning in 2000 and suddenly all the food began stacking up vertically on my plate and all the snob ladies walking their pugs up Charles St. emerged carrying As Four circle bags and Proenza-Schouler bias-cut skirts or something. And listen, if you're going to name-drop hot new restaurants to show how in-crowd you are, do not choose The Federalist and No. 9 Park, both venerable, high-class old dining institutions. Union, Oleana, hell even Tremont 647 would give you more street cred.


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